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Century 3000VA Stabilizer CVR-TUB 3000VA - Century 3000VA Stabilizer

N36,000 for 1-9 pieces
N35,500 for 10 pieces and above

The Century Stabilizer CVR-TUB-3000VA from Century Brand is an ideal stabilizer for every household. It is affordable, durable and also easy to operate.

Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB-3000VA features a 3000 voltage capacity, a complete output regulation, a delay mechanism for extra protection so it can be used conveniently with your home appliances; large chest freezers, small air conditioners.

·        Brand: Century

·        Model: CVR-TUB-3000VA

·        Capacity: 3000VA

·        Output: 230V 50hz

·        Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

·        Durable

·        Complete Output Regulation

·        Delay Mechanism for extra protection

·        For large chest freezers, small air conditioners.

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