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Solar One Rechargeable Solar Energy Kit 2Watts + Bulb + Torch

N6,000 for 1-9 pieces
N5,000 for 10 pieces and above

Rechargeable Home Solar System 2 Watts Solar Lighting Kit comes with 2W Solar Panel, one LED Bulb, 3 aH (3000mah) battery inside a Torch of 3W, Desk Lamp.

This can be used indoor and outdoor for lighting, and cover the shortages for lack of electricity, for household lighting.

This device can be used to charge phones and tablets. It comes with Bulb and Phone Charging Slot.

Solar Power Kits is a multi-functional system with Used as home lighting, kitchen lighting and garden lighting. This product can be used to supply power to LED bulbs, charge phones and power USB fans. You can use the solar panel to charge your phone. Ideal for anyone desiring to go "green" or conserve energy. The outlets enable LED bulbs working. It can be used as a portable power supply for traveling and wild field. It is featured with compact configuration, small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.
Battery Capacity: 3000 mah Battery

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